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Katie Gisbert

Katie was born and raised in Southern California, graduating from Cal State San Marcos with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications while living in North County for 11 years. As the leader of the Communications Society she was forced to develop a strong attention to detail and fantastic communication skills.

This attention to detail, putting her clients first, and building trust are just a few of the things that Katie strives for. All of this allowing Katie to maintain her low pressure and upbeat approach to making her client’s experience enjoyable. Working for years in the hospitality industry helped Katie to develop strong customer service traits and an unbelievable local knowledge of all things San Diego.

When not working hard for her clients, you find her spending time with her daughter and husband outdoors, hiking, playing tennis and traveling. She cherishes the people and relationships in her life above all else, focusing on positivity and honesty in all that she does. Phillips + Co. is lucky to have her on the team just as her clients are to have her working in their corner.