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Tiffany Thielemann-Mera

Tiffany Thielemann-Mera embodies integrity, diligence, regulation, and complete alignment in the management of each and every real-estate transaction. Tiffany was raised on the coast of Southern California, on the beautiful beaches of San Clemente. This was where she first started evolving her responsible and caring personality, where she took her two little brothers to-and-from the beach every weekend. She has since built a successful career in the real estate industry for over 25 years. She has worked in nearly every aspect of the industry, where she represents sellers and buyers, to managing real estate transactions smoothly from start to finish, and specializing in the negotiation process of short sales.

Tiffany is a family woman, where she continues to be devoted to her 3 children (one of which happens to be furry) and husband. She loves to cook new recipes, go on hikes with her German Shepherd, and devote time to charity work. She is currently the committee president for the Friends of New Haven, a non-profit organization devoted to changing the lives of young boys from troubled families.

Tiffany has been trained and influenced in real estate by some of the best such as Cristine Clark, Tim Walker, and Doug Martin. Tiffany goes above and beyond for her clients to make sure that a seemingly stressful process, such as buying or selling a house, can be made easy. She uses her experience to proactively address any details in a transaction, ​before​ they become an issue. She and her team lead, motivate, and communicate with one another flawlessly. This process is to make sure that the team can communicate with you above all else. You can count on Tiffany’s guidance, because she always protects her clients’ best interests.